Engineering work

  • We offer the following sanitary work for our clients:
  • Boiler house construction (oil, gas, electricity)
  • Heating station installation
  • Outdoor utility line construction (gas, water, sewage)
  • Heating systems construction
  • Water and sewage systems construction
  • Renovating and replacing of plumbing


Examples of biggest projects:


Kaupintie, Helsinki, Finland
Construction and replacement of water and sewage plumbing in an apartment house
Heating system replacement


Uuslinna 5, Tallinn, Estonia
Construction of the water, sewage and heating systems of an apartment house


Bembölentie, Helsinki
Construction of the water, sewage and ventilation systems


Raadiku 8b-1, Tallinn, Estonia
Construction of the water and sewage systems and underdrain installation of an apartment house


Ristiku Street, Tallinn, Estonia
Renovations of the rain water system


Räpina greenhouse
Water and sewage system construction
Installation of the boiler house, remote heating and solar heating systems
Watering, moistening and fogging system constructio




Raadiku 8b-2, Tallinn, Estonia
Construction of the water and sewage systems and underdrain installation of an apartment house
Construction of the heating system


Räpina student housing
Construction of water and sewage systems


Maardu, Fosforiidi, Estonia
Construction of a gas main


More about work done:

Boiler house of the Lümanda commune-center,

Boiler house of the Märjamaa hospital,

All technical systems for apartment houses at Roopa 2a, Süda 14, Rähni 10 and Sügise 4

Technical systems for eight arcades of Olympic Casino (Estonia and Latvia)

Heating mains for the Kanepi lumber industry


Replacement of the water plumbing at the Park Hotel

Heating, water and sewage for the 14 box Laanekivi Kodu line-house


All technical systems for the Volume Design offices at Reti Street 2


Technical systems for two plants of Truckparts Estonia Ltd (Tallinn, Jõhvi)

Boiler house and heating system for the Kyyjärvi municipal government house in Finland

During the period of five years, we have successfully carried out heating, water and sewage works on 350 private houses.


In addition we have conducted plumbing works at the Turu Shipyard and worked on technical systems for one line-house, three private houses and one 150 apartment house in Helsinki.